Elite Executive Coaching

After helping hundreds of individual business leaders improve their personal and organizational performance over the past thirty years, I codified my coaching methodologies, in combination with proven best practices, as a packaged program and curriculum using the best of breed development practices to transform the individuals, their teams, and their organizations. Elite Executive Coaching is offered to executives that desire custom-tailored, research-based, personalized development that will impact the bottom-line, and transform transactional executives into transformational leaders.

Over the course of one year, EEC includes:

·         Composite and individual battery of leadership, behavioral, core value, and emotional intelligence assessments.

·         A robust 360 Degree review of the executive to include the senior management team, board members, junior staff as well as community members. Key metrics gathered include communications, trust, vision, adaptability, relationships, task management, results orientation, the development of others, and personal development.

·         Alignment of assessment results with job function and performance.

·         Identification of key goals to achieve transformational leadership.

·         Prioritization of goals to align with proven research on the skills that correlate to transformational leadership.

·         Goal development by month, quarter, and year.

·         Twelve two hour In-person coaching sessions.

·         Six staff meeting observations to include preparation and de-brief be it for performance or the management of difficult meetings. 

·         Weekly scheduled phone coaching session.

·         Unlimited email and phone access to address crisis or breakthrough events.

·         Monthly accountability and quarterly goal review.

What to expect

Upon engagement, agreed-upon assessments will be launched to evaluate leadership, values, behavioral tendencies, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence. Joan reviews the results with the executive and helps evaluate how the results apply to critical thinking, leadership values, organizational goals, and personal objectives.

As executives monitor progress toward goals and objectives, they have the chance to test out and dissect how their values, behaviors, and beliefs show up in their leadership. Due to frequency and the nature of collaboration together, Joan helps the executive build on their strengths and evaluate how gaps impact daily, weekly, and overall performance.

Our work together is based on current research and aligns with the individual’s goals, skills, and habits with a keen focus to close gaps found in the leadership profile to create the habits of a transformational leader.

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