Winning at Sales


The most effective sales training program for Business Owners, Executives, Non-Sales People, and Underperforming Sales Professionals that need a boost. Increase Win Rates, Shorten Sales Cycles, Increase Profit Margins and Build the Confidence to Win more often.

Participants will define sales goals and develop a sales system.

Topics include: tracking system, stay-in-touch system, strategies to keep the funnel full, determining difference between suspects and prospects, pre-call preparation and calling techniques, networking methods, active listening techniques, presentation skills, creating urgency, effective questioning techniques, balanced score card, proposals, follow-up, stalls and objections and more.

Sessions include time to practice, interact with others and apply concepts to your business.

You will notice that we have not published the price for this class because we believe that before you enroll you should talk to our instructor to find out if this class is a good fit for you.  This is especially important because we guarantee a return on your investment.  We want you to understand the value you will receive.

This class can also be given on site to accommodate your sales teams of 5 or more.  Please call us to discuss your needs.

More About Sales Training

Selling in today’s market requires the sales person to be comfortable in the process that works best for their style of selling and to be focused on the new key words and thoughts that will close sales in a tough economy. Today’s sales are not based on price as much as on safety and security for the buyer. Success is based on knowing who the right prospects are and how to find and attract them. Adding the right prospects to your sales funnel is rocket fuel for your sales department. Watch your close ratio reach the highest percentage you have ever experienced. It is time to bring out the best in your sales people.

The Process

Our Sales Training process is a comprehensive, concise method that helps develop skilled, successful sales professionals. By uniting current sales skills with a personal development system, a sales professional will uncover a system that will lead to higher levels of achievement.

Whether you are selling a service or a product, whether you represent an established company or a new start up, one fact remains clear: It is unlikely that you will maintain a competitive advantage unless you change the way you have always done things.

Measurable Results

  • Generate sales
  • Strengthen  market share
  • Strengthened focus on attracting, servicing, and keeping customers
  • More repeat business
  • Increased share of wealth
  • Escalate income
  • Higher profits for your company and for you
  • Job stability
  • Balance between personal and professional life
  • Excitement about life and career

Critical Issues Covered

  • Reinventing yourself as a successful sales person
  • How to sell to each generation
  • Selling in a tough economy
  • Buying and selling processes
  • Building positive attitudes
  • Resistance to change
  • Facing fear
  • Goal setting-setting the right goal and achieving it
  • A solution for every obstacle
  • Prospecting
  • Referral sources
  • Center of influence
  • The sales funnel
  • Communication skills
  • Body language
  • Appointments
  • The steps of the sale
  • Effective questioning techniques
  • Building a case for action
  • Effective presentations and proposals


“Winning Ways Coursework taught me how to act in different situations, how not to talk to certain people; and now that I know how to interact, I can and have achieved more goals and close more sales!”

John Cottee, National-Louis University


“Before taking Winning Ways Sales Coursework, I had no idea or direction as to how to target my clients. I was unable to estimate my time spent on sales vs. non-related sales tasks. I had no mechanisms in place to measure my sales progress or even the ability to identify my unique market niche. Now,I’ve become more efficient in identifying my target audience. My measurable sales from the origination of tracking went from a 30 percent close rate to a 97 percent close rate. This allowed me to do several things: 1) Raise my pricing structure; 2) Get rid of clients I really didn’t want to do business with for one reason or another; and 3) Set up an awards program for top referrals of the month.”

                           –Colleen Byram, Co-Owner, RTZ Communications

“Before the Winning Ways program, I was very uncomfortable about my job as a salesperson. Other sales books/programs (and I’ve looked at many) always seemed pushy and awkward to me. This class helped me find a natural, comfortable sales process and style that I can be proud of and that will push my business into new realms. Now I see how I can achieve my own goals and dreams while helping others to achieve theirs.”

Connie Muse, Partner, Network Muse LLC

“When I entered the Winning Ways class, I was afraid to reach for my goals, after coming up short so many times before. They taught me to set attainable goals and to design a realistic plan to achieve them.  I can’t wait to get started.”

Rory Conway, Smart Payment Solutions

“My overall confidence has improved. The setting goals section was the most interesting part for me. I now have all of the tools to have total success in my personal and professional life.”

Mary Palma, Realtor, Keller Williams Realty

“I am now equipped to know and understand who are my prospects and how I am prioritizing them.”

Malik Jaffer, RewardMeVIP

“The Winning at Sales program has made me a better person and sales person.  I saw a measurable increase in sales when I properly applied what I had learned.  It is well worth the investment.  Just do it!”

Mary Kay Claus, Blue Shamrock Communications

“Joan is the best sales coach I have ever worked with. Her passion for helping her clients exceed their goals is contagious. She has inspired me to set goals that will not only help my business flourish, they will make my whole life better.”