Time Management

What would happen if your controlled your schedule instead of it controlling you?

Imagine being able to schedule yourself so you were able to honor your appointments, honor your personal commitments and not feel overwhelmed and scattered?

Each of us has a choice on how busy, flustered, frustrated and organized we are with our schedules.  It is a skill to have good time management skills and it is a skill that is rarely taught or learned. It can be learned though and it will change your life.  Once you develop and master it in one area (personal or professional) it will flow into the other area!

What can you expect from Winning at Time Management?

Winning at Time Management

  • Participants will define their time management goals and create an ideal schedule
  • Topics include: Time Management Fundamentals, Ideal Schedule, Personal and Professional Goals, Investing Time Through Purpose, Values and Vision, Goal Setting for Success, Honoring your Commitment to Yourself!
  • Time Commitment: Four one hour sessions often delivered over the phone in the comforts of your office without a commute (saving you time!)
  • Return on Investment: Participants will leave the program with a schedule that they can follow and realize their personal and professional goals while following it.  Accountability built into your life program and check up points through the year. Each person is guaranteed to be more productive and more organized in their personal and professional life. It is a win-win!

Choosing to invest in you with better Time Management

It is important to determine what you want out of your personal and professional life. We each go through our days with either a plan or no plan. Those that go through it without a plan are the ones that have longer days of unfinished tasks, responsibilities undone, family and friends frustrated with lack of commitment etc.  Deciding to change the way you work your day is a decision that will have a huge impact on YOU.  Deciding on the right time management program is easy.  Select any Time Management program that focused on your personal and professional goals.  You want to make sure that your schedule and activities are moving you in the direction of accomplishing the goals you want and need to accomplish in your life to become the person you desire to be. Winning Ways “Winning at Time Management” is the program you need to use your time more efficiently with high productivity and continually focusing on the bigger goals – YOUR LIFE GOALS.

Are you a candidate for Winning at Time Management?

  • You make promises to attend events or meetings and find yourself unable to show up
  • You really want to do many things that you don’t have time to do
  • You wish you could accomplish more during the day then you do now
  • If only you could accomplish as much as you do the day before you leave on vacation
  • You want to become a “man of your word”…you say you will be there you want to be there!
  • You want your “yeses”  to mean you will do it on time
  • You want to know when to say no and when to say yes
  • Time is not on your side —