The most effective leadership training program for emerging leaders and executive leaders.

Leadership Training for Emerging Leaders

If you are an emerging leader who wants to develop your leadership skills then Winning at Leadership: Lead Yourself First is the program for you. It focuses on your leadership strengths and how to use them to lead yourself and others. The program also helps you identify your personal and professional goals and set a plan to achieve them. After practicing and honing this process you are able to share and lead your team in this process and lead your team to success. Leading others means leading yourself first!

Leadership Training for Executive Leaders

Executive leaders who have lead teams and others for years with success find Winning at Leadership: Executive Leadership a great experience. It provides a good review of leadership basics with a rigorous goal setting component that changes personal and professional timelines of many participants. This program focuses on critical organizational goal issues and is results oriented and each participant will be able to show measurable growth at the completion of the course. The organization will benefit from every executive that participates although the executive will benefit the most.

Sessions include time to discuss issues, practice, role play and apply concepts newly learned.

Most programs are offered on site at YOUR organization. Classroom site is offered at Tysons and Fairfax Winning Ways offices.

Leadership Today

Leadership in today’s world requires more than ever before. You need to understand leadership and each generation along with different communication styles etc. Every leader needs to constantly be adding to their knowledge level to educate themselves more and more to be the best leader they can become. Success in leadership is not just knowing as much as you know but applying your knowledge effectively. Our leadership coaches work with each client one-on-one to help them apply the leadership principles effectively and accurately so the results achieved are the results desired.

The Process

The leadership process is an open ended pragmatic approach to leadership growth. It is a process designed to help individuals develop the attitudes, skills and qualities necessary for personal and organizational leadership.

Critical Issues Covered


Winning at Leadership: Lead Yourself First


  • Leaders: Born or Made
  • Leadership & You
  • Leadership Comes from Within
  • Tapping Your Hidden Potential
  • Motivating Yourself
  • Developing a Positive Self Image
  • Behavior & Conditioning
  • Influence from Families
  • Social Acceptance
  • Emotion & Logic
  • Personal Development/Attitude Development
  • Personal Goal Setting
  • Building Success Attitudes & Habits
  • Why People Resist Change
  • Roadblocks to Success
  • Turning Solutions into Action
  • Self-Motivation and the Courage to Act
  • Creative Power through Visualization
  • Belief through Affirmation
  • Managing your Time
  • Developing a Time Program that Works
  • Management & Delegation
  • Effective Communication
  • Understanding
  • Active Listening
  • Decision Making
  • Problem Solving
  • Authority & Power
  • Leadership Types

Winning at Leadership: Executive Leadership

  • Leaders
  • Valueship
  • Core Values
  • Identifying Values
  • Vision
  • Communicating the Vision
  • Change
  • Resistance to Change
  • Leading During Times of Change
  • Alignment
  • Creating Balance
  • Personal Goal Achievement
  • Organizational Goals
  • Effective Planning
  • A Solution for Every Obstacle
  • Self-Motivation and the Courage to Act
  • Strategies for Positive Growth
  • Leadership Responsibility
  • Understanding Human Potential
  • The Leader as a Visionary, Coach, Mentor and Director
  • Authority and Power
  • The Benefits of Collaboration
  • Rules of Collaboration
  • Creating Winning Teams
  • Team competency & Leadership
  • Developing Trust
  • Understanding Human Needs
  • Behavior & Conditioning
  • Changing Attitudes
  • Leading People into High Performance
  • Communication

Measurable Results

  • Enhanced leadership ability
  • Results – Oriented Attitudes
  • Improved decision making
  • Improved communication skills in team
  • Increased revenue on team/company
  • Strengthened focus with team
  • Alignment of vision/mission/action steps
  • Shared duties/work
  • Clarity of directions “They heard what I said”
  • More job satisfaction
  • Job stability
  • Balance between personal and professional life
  • Excitement about life and career

Investing in Leadership Development will give you and your company leaders an opportunity to use their strengths to achieve the corporate goals that will take you to the success you have been dreaming about!

Testimonials from Group Leadership Clients

“The Leadership Program is one of the best programs I have participated in my professional career. It is well thought out and effective with materials (readings, homework, actions plans, etc.) of top quality and to the point… together with a professional and experienced facilitator. The program was tremendously beneficial to me for personal development  thru the personal Goals and Actions Plans.” 

Pierre, Manager, Technology Company

Testimonials from Individual Leadership Clients

“My leadership coaching was truly an amazing journey for me. In many ways, I ended up where I started but with a much clearer understanding of why I was there. Relationally, the coaching changed the way I interacted with people. And I found that, with interpersonal relations, subtle changes often turn out to have a dramatic impact.”  

Tara Rivera, Legal Clerk and Law Student


“I had always managed‚ my company, but never felt like or was viewed as a true leader. Winning Ways helped me develop a leadership style based on my strengths. Joan’s coaching has helped me empower my employees and provide a work environment in which everyone thrives.  With increased confidence and the new skills I’ve learned our sales have increased by over a million dollars in the past year.  Thank you Winning Ways!” 

–Katie Scholes, CEO The Provider, Special Needs Bus Transportation

“Since taking the Winning Ways Leadership Development course I am concentrating on the things I want out of life and realigning my priorities to include my family and my needs and spend less time worrying about the little things that will not matter in 20 or 30 years.”

Mary Kay Consultant