"My time with Joan gave me clarity on what types of activities are a fit and provide the greatest happiness level.  This self awareness has been enormously helpful in many areas of my life and it has sparked new perspectives/behaviors in relationships and activities."

-Kari Meyer, Leadership Coaching Client



"The day after the (Winning Ways, Inc. Emotional Intelligence) seminar, I had a day off.  I actually "intentionally" stopped three times during the day to be "mindful" of my emotions and my breathing.  When I went to work the next day, the first thing in the morning my boss said to me...."You must have had a nice day off.  You look happy AND well rested". And that's just after one day of practicing what I learned.  YAHOOO!"

-Debbie Capasso, Sales Consultant, Lindsay Buick GMC

Two years ago, Joan spoke on goal setting at one of our company events. Joan not only detailed how to set goals, but she also shared specific, measurable steps to achieve our professional goals. The workshop provided valuable information for everyone in attendance. She always resonates with the audience and what they are working on personally and professionally. Joan is the only presenter we have invited back to speak a second time. She did not disappoint!
— Kathleen T. Barlow, Senior Vice President

“She had so much empathy.  As I started talking to her & what was going on in my life, Joan was such an empathetic listener.  I realized she understood what I was up against & I knew she was in my corner.  That is something that I think marked our whole coaching relationship working together.  I felt like she was totally & entirely in my corner.”

–Dena Morris, CEO, Private Client



“Joan helped my Executive Forum members with their CEO time management challenges and did a great job relating to everyone in the audience.  She is a master at not only educating and engaging the audience, but inspiring them to take specific actions to improve their results.  It would be impossible to hear Joan speak without taking away valuable learning and being motivated to take action!”

- Lee H. Self, President/Owner, Renaissance Executive Forums – Northern Virginia

"As part of my individual development plan, I began working with Joan as the next step in honing my skills as a leader. Joan was more than just a professional coach; she was a cheerleader, a mentor, and a friend. The tools she used to guide my development, specifically the EQ Assessment, have provided invaluable insights about myself that I will continue to draw upon for many years to come."

 - Jamie Williams, Senior Manager, Member Relations, Nuclear Energy Institute



“I hired Joan Fletcher, Winning Ways, Inc.  as a presentation coaching for myself, the president of OTJ, a 65 person architecture firm as well as for my director of business development.  Our business development director has tripled the amount of business she is doing since she started working with Joan.  Joan also worked as an executive coach with two of my partners  and both have shown remarkable improvement.  Both run profit centers for my company.  One is up 22% and the other 31% in volume of revenue related work that they are doing and I understand that Winning Ways is directly responsible for these results.  Every second that Winning Ways works with my company improves the quality and clarity of our offerings.”

-Lance Jaccard, AIA, IIDA, LEED AP, Partner, OTJ Architects

I’m a business strategist, but I needed someone to help me look at my own strategy. I was unhappy with my company after four years of being a solo consultant and I wanted to be more profitable. I asked Winning Ways to help me look at my business, my objectives, and how I could work with my expertise and passion in ways that I could enjoy my work more and increase my profitability. The Strategic Planning we did helped me first create management systems so I could really see my business strengths as well as consider what wasn’t working. Then we looked at potential for new business, set goals, and dug down to determine what I was really going to need to do to get on the path to achieving those goals.

“Without Winning Ways, I’m not sure I’d still be in business right now. Once I had systems that could show me how my business was performing, we developed a more cost-effective model to serve my then-core clients. We identified two other niches of prospects that represented a fit for my passion and expertise. Then we set up tools that have exponentially increased my effectiveness in developing prospects and referral contacts.

I know I’m on a much better track than where I was, and I’m much better able to make decisions because I can tell whether something is 0r isn’t aligned with my strategy and goals.”

–Judy Bradt, Principal & CEO, Summit Insight



We have had the pleasure of hosting Joan as the featured speaker at three different client and prospect events.  She is an inspirational speaker, who always leaves her audience energized and ready to tackle new challenges.  Whether she’s discussing goals, emotional intelligence or some other topic, Joan’s message is always on point and easy to digest.  She doesn’t ask you to conquer the world on day one, but rather to conquer one or two discrete challenges at a time.  She can make an entire room feel like success is well within reach.  More importantly, she gives everyone practical advice and tips to ensure that success becomes a reality.   

-Patti Steis, Managing Director and Office Head

The 360 model is a valuable tool for providing feedback on leadership styles, perceptions of others and how working towards being more adaptive and creative can positively affect a person’s effectiveness as a leader, but Joan’s training and interpretation takes the model to a whole new level.  She has helped me to understand how small actions (and reactions) not only affect others, but ultimately how they affect me personally and the organization as a whole. It is amazing how working on one carefully selected goal has made such a positive difference in my effectiveness working with others and in my overall happiness.

Dawn Ryan, Vice President Finance Administration, The Bernstein Companies