Winning Ways Strategic Planning empowers an organization by helping them define what they want to become and how they are going to do it.  Identifying your organization’s potential and the specific goals necessary to achieve your potential is exciting.  We create a plan that can be implemented by each team and each person in your organization.  We define clear goals, quarterly actions and measurable steps with monthly accountability sessions.  You achieve the results you know you can achieve.


One Day Plan

The One Day Plan includes a preliminary meeting with the key leaders of the organization to define the outcomes of the plan.  Details for the day are decided and the date is set.

The strategic plan day is an intensive session to identify vision, purpose and key elements of the plan for one to three years in the future.  Goal setting and implementation  are determined and identified for each to be achieved.  The focus is for the organization to finalize a plan for growth and success in a short period of time with maximum ROI.   Each person involved in this day is 100% committed to working until the plan is complete.

Follow up sessions are established to firm up specific sections of the plan and make sure each actionable step is being implemented.  Monthly accountability meetings are held to help each group stay on target and work on challenges that might arise.

Full Strategic Planning Session

The full strategic planning process involves 8 – 20 hours depending on the outcomes an organization wants from their plan.  The time can be spent over a series of meetings or a two to three day retreat to create and write the plan.  During the process the mission, vision, values, SWOT, and each step of the plan are worked through and captured.  Winning Ways works with the organization’s leadership to identify Critical Success Points (the organization’s central goals) for the success and growth of the organization. Each Critical Success Point is defined in detail with each action step needed for the leadership of the company to achieve the organizational goals. The strategic planning then becomes individualized based on the organization’s specific needs.

A specific action plan is designed for the year to ensure long-term, sustainable success. Monthly accountability sessions will be held to work on challenges and to implement actions to achieve the goals in the plan. When implemented it will create higher levels of motivation and commitment while continuously fueling high levels of achievement throughout the organization.


Successful Organizations Strategically Plan!

Organizations will experience success and growth within a few months of implementing the plan.  Our accountability coaches will work with the leadership team to help them implement the plan and finish the steps necessary to achieve the desired success.

  • Change the direction and performance of your organization.
  • Encourage discussions on important growth-focused topics.
  • Help each manager work towards the same goals and outcomes so greater success is achieved.
  • Increase confidence in the direction of the organization.
  • Create a common language and framework for decision making



“We used the services of Winning Ways.  My partner and I have a business plan for the first time this year, and it had made a great difference in the way we work.  One of the products/services our firm offers is Return on Investment (ROI) studies of consultant’s work.  We did on ROI on Winning Ways strategic business planning process, interviewing six of their customers.  On average, they received 27 times the investment they put into the program.”
–Linda Barker, Partner, Business Impact Associates

Our Clients' Words…


Our company has worked with Winning Ways, Inc. for several years on leadership coaching and strategic planning.  Joan has helped us hire the right people and identify and implement changes needed in the company.  She has provided support for leadership as they work on growing the company and coaching for our sales people.  Joan works hard, continually pushing forward with success strategies and techniques to help us be more creative.
Pete Norloff, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, LC Technologies, Inc.

For years, we built our business on hard work and common sense. Then Winning Ways showed us how to plan our success much as you would plan a trip. We set goals as though choosing a business destination. Our plan became the map we used to plot the best course. Business milestones were our guides for ensuring we stayed on the determined path. While we were still in our first year of working this way, my accountant called me to suggest a different financial approach because we were doing even better than anticipated.
–Kyle Hoffman, President, Roofing and More, Inc.

I asked Winning Ways to help me look at my business, my objectives, and how I could work with my expertise and passion in ways that I could enjoy my work more and increase my profitability. The Strategic Planning we did helped me first create management systems so I could really see my business strengths as well as consider what wasn’t working. Then we looked at potential for new business, set goals, and dug down to determine what I was really going to need to do to get on the path to achieving those goals.
–Judy Bradt, Principal & CEO, Summit Insight

“My situation was challenging, because my vision was not succinct enough for an effective business plan. After working with Winning Ways, I have a straightforward plan that I refer to every month to verify that I’m on track with my critical success factors.  The key is that I know exactly where my business stands at any moment and I have a much clearer picture of what I need to do to keep it on track. Winning Ways helped me form the right vision for my company and put it into action via a straight-forward no-nonsense business plan.”
–Randall Taussig, Owner, Taumark Systems


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