Find Your Next Great Employee!

Is your company too small or too busy for a dedicated hiring manager?  Do you “hang on” to a bad employee because the thought of finding a new person seems even worse? 


Our hiring talent, Kristy Ross, has over 10 years’ experience finding great candidates for open positions.  Using your criteria, we can help you craft a job description that will draw in the best candidates for your position & post it on relevant job boards.  As candidates apply, Kristy will review their cover letters & resumes to determine if they may be a good fit for your opening.  She will conduct either a phone or video interview with the selected candidates.  During the interview, Kristy will review the person’s past work experience and the job requirements, as well as dig deeper with job-specific behavioral interview questions.  Her personal yet professional style puts candidates at ease to ensure a positive experience during the hiring process. 

After completing the initial phone interview, Kristy will provide a detailed summary of the conversation with her impressions and send it to your team.  From there, you will schedule onsite interviews with a great slate of people.  You will speak with only the most qualified candidates as you find the ideal fit for your opening and your company. 

After you narrow your “list” down the top 1-2 individuals, we will send a DISC assessment to each of them.  The DISC is a validated tool that reveals how an individual will perform, including how they prefer to communicate, what he or she will bring to a team, his or her ideal environment and possible limitations he or she may face. 

We use a background check company to quickly vet & check your new hire’s background.  Kristy will also contact the candidate’s references, asking the right questions to really learn about the candidate’s personality and past work performance. 

Kristy communicates with both you and the candidates regularly, to ensure everyone is well informed at each stage of the hiring process. 

Save yourself the time and headache of finding the right person! Contact us today.

Kristy helped us by taking almost all of the work out of finding qualified candidates to fill our open position.  Faced with the task of bringing in a new person to our small company, we would have needed to write an ad, post the ad, respond to queries, collect responses, scan through a huge number of resumes, select the best candidates, follow up with telephone interviews, then finally bring the best candidates in for interviews and follow up interviews.

 Kristy handled *everything* for us with the exception of drafting the specific portions of the ad and performing the interviews of the best candidates.  We’ll be forever in debt to these extraordinary people who made the hiring process completely painless for us.

 We could not be happier with the process.

-Pete Norloff, CFO, LC Technologies