Small Business Owners Monthly Round Table

Connect with like minded business owners.

Experience in-depth powerful questions, real-life experiences and solutions.

Grow your leadership skills, peer base and business bottom line.


Membership Criteria

Business owners with companies growing towards or over 1 million in revenue and seeking to learn from others.

Attendance and punctuality are important for the success of the group.  Expectations and calendar are designed to create an environment that supports each member personally and professionally.

Monthly Roundtables

Each group will consist of an experienced business coach and6-12 business owners who are actively working on growing their companies.  The groups will meet two hours a month with their peers from non-competing industries.  All will sign non-disclosure agreements.

Powerful Questions.  Trusted Solutions.

Each month the meetings will consist of:

  • Clear agenda focused on business and leadership – not sales or networking
  • Facilitation by a certified leadership coach experienced in strategic planning
  • Powerful questions and candid answers
  • Opportunity to hear from other business owners in similar situations from accounting and personnel.
  • Discussions on current challenges based on needs of group and relevancy to small business growth
  • Meetings are confidential and interactive with a trusted forum of peer advisors
  • Written follow-up plan will be emailed to each member after the monthly meeting


Each month the agenda will consist of a brief update from each member about their business and current challenges and successes.

Every member will participate in a special session focused on identifying their leadership behavioral strengths andvalues and learn how to utilize them most effectively in their business and in the roundtable meeting.

All members will create a personal action plan for their own personal and professional leadership growth.

A key leadership topic will be discussed during each month with current content given and explained for each owner to be able to implement it into their business the same day.  (ie. time management issues)

If you are ready to set aggressive numbers for growth and stay focused on doing what you should be doing, consider becoming a member.