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Are you exhausted? Do you operate at full speed 7 days a week, 365 days a year?

Do you feel like you need to make a change, but you’re unable to reach out to supportive female colleagues to get advice for how to progress in your career?

Are you showing up as the best leader you can be at work, with your family, and in your life?

Find answers to these questions, receive the support you’ve been looking for, and de-stress from the realities of your daily schedule with this one-of-a-kind retreat for professional women.

This retreat, facilitated by Joan Fletcher, a nationally recognized leadership expert with over 20 years of executive coaching experience, helps professional women find confidence and contentment in their leadership style while navigating a path forward that aligns with their career and life goals.


Executive Coaching

During the retreat, you will participate in facilitated sessions designed to help you better understand your own leadership style, identify your emotional intelligence score, set goals for progressing in your career in a way that feels authentically aligned with your life goals, and improve your self-awareness so you can thrive as a leader at work, at home, and in your community.

Each retreat participant will complete a pre-retreat questionnaire, receive an individual private coaching session with Joan during the retreat, and participate in a post-retreat group coaching call for added accountability. You also will be part of an ongoing support network that will help you address problems and challenges as they surface in your work/life.



Emotional Intelligence research suggests we need deep connections in our life to feel content. In Joan’s experience, most women feel they don’t have the support of other professional women in their lives who face similar challenges in work and life.

This retreat changes all of that. In addition to the high quality coaching you’ll receive throughout the retreat, the connections you forge with the other participants can blossom into life-long friendships. Your fellow retreat participants know what it’s like to face the challenges you’re facing and can offer guidance, education, inspiration, further career connections, and accountability so that you can not only successfully show up as the leader you want to be but also feel supported in the process.

Out of the entire retreat experience, the connections retreat participants form are always the top highlight and biggest benefit.  

You are not alone, no matter how much it feels like no one else is going through the challenges you face!


Rejuvenation & Self-Care

Finally, Joan and her team will provide support and encouragement for you to experience deep self-care. From yoga classes, stress management strategies, mindfulness and breathing exercises to optional walks on the beach, boat and/or kayak rides, journaling time, afternoon naps, and delicious locally-sourced food, this retreat will provide you with everything you need to completely decompress from the stresses of daily life.


This retreat is for you if:

  • You are exhausted, burnt-out, and in desperate need of a break from your daily routine

  • You are a professional woman in a leadership position looking for connections with and support from other career-oriented professional women

  • You want to progress in your career but aren’t sure how to balance all your responsibilities and keep moving up the ladder

  • You want to be the best leader you can be but aren’t sure what steps to take to make that happen

  • You’re looking for more clarity in your life and work goals


Wake up to your full potential

Whether you’ve experienced coaching before or not, the women who attend retreats with Joan all walk away with more clarity around what they want their life and career to look like. Better yet, you will walk away with deep connections with other professional women to support you and hold you accountable post-retreat.

You will leave this retreat feeling rested, deeply supported, and better able to articulate how you want to show up in your life. You will have new self-care strategies to utilize as you start to get pulled by the stresses of work and life and a plan for leading from your center, despite challenges that arise in the workplace. You will leave feeling proud of how far you’ve come, better about who you are now, and confident about how you want to show up as a leader moving forward. Best of all, you’ll have a brand new support network to tap into whenever doubt starts to creep back in.

We spend more hours in our jobs than anywhere else in our life. It’s time we stop treading water trying to survive and start thriving!


Where It All Takes Place: 

Osprey Cove in Hallieford, Virginia

Osprey Cove is located on the water in Hallieford, VA, (approximately 3 hours south of Washington D.C.) providing a beautiful, secluded waterfront escape for experiencing rejuvenation, growth, and nourishing connections. You will begin your time away before you even arrive as you drive through small towns and tree lined roads on your way to the house.

The 4-day, 3-night retreat is the perfect amount of time to get away without having to worry about taking off too much time from work or being away from your family.

What you Will Receive at the Retreat:

  • A private coaching session at the retreat with Joan

  • Group yoga class

  • Private self-care session with Ashley

  • Group coaching call follow-up

  • Access to online yoga classes with Ashley

  • All meals included


Who Leads the Retreat:

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Joan Fletcher

Joan is one of the most highly respected and well-known coaches throughout the Washington DC Metro area. She has over 25 years of experience working with individuals and teams on building leadership skills, awareness, and Emotional Intelligence. Joan is committed to leadership development, coaching, communication skills and results by deepening connections and enjoyment of life!

Ashley Zuberi

Ashley is a full-time professional yoga educator committed to helping women manage stress. She has taught yoga classes, corporate yoga programs, and yoga teacher trainings throughout the US and abroad. Ashley is committed to blending the ancient wisdom of yoga with modern leadership development to address today’s global challenges.  

Ashley is a full-time professional yoga educator committed to helping women manage stress. She has taught yoga classes, corporate yoga programs, and yoga teacher trainings throughout the US and abroad. Ashley is committed to blending the ancient wisdom of yoga with modern leadership development to address today’s global challenges.  


Upcoming Retreat Dates

Professional Women's Retreat - October 11 - 14, 2018


Plan to be part of this exclusive event!


Thoughts from past Retreat participants….

“This retreat ignited my desire to achieve goals I set over 5 years ago.  It made me realize that it is possible to regain momentum and start fresh with a confident expectation of success.  I loved the rest my mind experienced.”    Sandra Henderson, Total Quality Building Services

Testimonials provide valuable insight from past participants. Read them here. 

Contact Joan ( or call us at (703) 434-3990 to see if you fit the profile associated with the professionals who attend the retreat.