“Winning Ways has helped provide the encouragement and endless energy for my enterprise that has enabled me to experience the success of a truly rewarding business.”

Barbara Berry, Owner, Barbara Berry Photographic Artist

“The business plan that Winning Ways has helped us create has changed the course of the future of our business and of our lives as business owners. We are more organized, focused, and goal oriented than we ever imagined possible.  Through careful guidance and expertise, we know exactly what we want to accomplish and exactly what we need to do to make that happen.  Winning Ways is exactly what our business needed.  It has been a life changing experience.” 

- Angie Rabie and Kristy McGlaughlin, Founders and Owners, Kidz SOLutions Educational Software

“My situation was challenging, because my vision was not succinct enough for an effective business plan. After working with Winning Ways, I have a straightforward plan that I refer to every month to verify that I’m on track with my critical success factors.  The key is that I know exactly where my business stands at any moment and I have a much clearer picture of what I need to do to keep it on track. Winning Ways helped me form the right vision for my company and put it into action via a straight-forward no-nonsense business plan.”

Randall Taussig, Owner, Taumark Systems

“Winning Ways Coursework taught me how to act in different situations, how not to talk to certain people; and now that I know how to interact, I can and have achieved more goals and close more sales!”

- John Cottee, National-Louis University

“When I entered the Winning Ways class, I was afraid to reach for my goals, after coming up short so many times before. They taught me to set attainable goals and to design a realistic plan to achieve them. I can’t wait to get started.”

- Rory Conway, Smart Payment Solutions

“My overall confidence has improved. The setting goals section was the most interesting part for me. I now have all the tools to have total success in my personal and professional life.”

- Mary Palma, Realtor, Keller Williams Realty

“Before taking Winning Ways Sales Coursework, I had no idea or direction as to how to target my clients. I was unable to estimate my time spent on sales vs. non-related sales tasks. I had no mechanisms in place to measure my sales progress or even the ability to identify my unique market niche. Now,I’ve become more efficient in identifying my target audience. I went from spending so much wasted time, energy and money on proposals that were either impossible to win or didn’t generate the return on investment for the amount of effort required. I also learned incredible things about myself. I learned what motivates me, and how to dream whether realistic or not.

My measurable sales from the origination of tracking went from a 30 percent close rate to a 97 percent close rate. This allowed me to do several things: 1) Raise my pricing structure; 2) Get rid of clients I really didn’t want to do business with for one reason or another; and 3) Set up an awards program for top referrals of the month.”

-Colleen Byram, Co-Owner, RTZ Communications

“Before the Winning Ways program, I was very uncomfortable about my job as a salesperson. Other sales books/programs (and I’ve looked at many) always seemed pushy and awkward to me. This class helped me find a natural, comfortable sales process and style that I can be proud of and that will push my business into new realms. Now I see how I can achieve my own goals and dreams while helping others to achieve theirs.”

Connie Muse, Partner, Network Muse LLC

“We used the services of Winning Ways. My partner and I have a business plan for the first time this year, and it has made a great difference in the way we work. One of the products/services our firm offers is Return on Investment (ROI) studies of consultant’s work. We did an ROI on Winning Ways strategic business planning process, interviewing six of their customers. On average, they received 27 times the investment they put into the program.”

-Linda Barker, Partner, Business Impact Associates

“After 30 plus years I was struggling to move my business forward. Joan helped me set priorities and negotiate this rough patch. I highly recommend Winning Ways whether you need to completely reorganize or just tune up your business.”

-Rob Carter, President, R&R Auto Service

“With your help on interviewing and assessments I took your advice on hiring our last employee so I thought you should know how he is doing. He may be the best hire I have ever made. So far I would give him an A+ in the three most important skills I need, accuracy, speed and communication. As soon as soon as we give him a project it’s completed and done accurately. I asked to him to write a letter to a client and to my shock I did not have to make one edit to the letter. He is going to run circles around the person he replaced. Therefore, I wanted to let you know that your advice was correct as usual”

-Daniel G. Gilliland, CPA‚ President, Gilliland & Associates

“I am very excited to be working with Joan Fletcher of Winning Ways this year!!!  She gets my vision and has showed me how to create a road map to ensure success.  Her advice and time management skills have really helped in balancing both my professional and personal life.”

-Tracy Johnson, Long & Foster Commercial Division

“Joan Fletcher of Winning Ways, Inc. gave a great presentation on understanding your communication skills to improve how you sell yourself. I would definitely recommend her to other real estate organizations looking for motivational and useful presentations.”

-Tracy L. Reynolds, Manager, Outreach & Development, Northern Virginia Association of Realtors®

“Joan Fletcher is an expert at winning–for the individuals and organizations she works with. Her ability to get to the heart of the matter while making everyone comfortable is a rare and unique talent. Her coaching skills are beyond compare!”

-Penny Cowden, Vice President/Chief Development Officer at Sun Health Foundation

"Joan, I want to thank you for the wonderful experience we had this morning at our Foundation meeting. There was nothing but positive comments from those who I spoke with after the session. I suggested that we share our communication results and other bits of information so that we can understand each other better in the work world. I think others are doing same."

"We have not had a better hour during the five years with the Foundation!”

John M. Fay, Vice President, Inova Health System Foundation