Leading with Connection

Workshop on Emotional Intelligence

How does everyone else see you professionally?  Personally?

Become the professional you’ve always wanted to be by tapping into your Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence is your capacity to be aware of, control and express your emotions. It also is your ability to handle interpersonal relationships thoughtfully and empathetically.

Session highlights:

·         Discover your EQ baseline score

·         Catch a new glimpse of how you are perceived

·         Increase your awareness in the connections with others

·         Learn techniques to enhance your well-being and happiness 


What type of professional do you want to be?

We all know people who are promoted often and get along with many. No matter the situation, they always seem to know just what to say – and how to say it – so that we’re not offended or upset. They exude kindness and consideration, and even if they cannot solve our problems, we leave them feeling more hopeful and optimistic.

People like this probably have a high degree of emotional intelligence. They know themselves well, and are able to sense the needs of others.  What would change in your career if you connected with others more than you do now? 


Understanding your Emotional Intelligence is a tremendous step in moving yourself forward in your career.  Contact us today to learn more!