Change One Habit, Change Your Life!

If you were to change only one habit what would it be?  Everyone knows of at least one habit immediately that they would like to be able to change or at least if it was easy to change.  What would happen if you could focus on that one habit that isn’t improving your life and turn it into something either more productive or positive?

With the power of goal setting principles and the new information on how our brains work we are able to change our bad habits.  We have to be willing to spend some time on ourselves and learn how to change the habit but we can do it!

Charles Duhigg in his book, The Power of Habit, writes about the THE CUE – THE REWARD – THE ROUTINE and gives many examples of how we can change our habits.  Also, in the neuroscience research we continue to learn more about our brains and how we can use this information to make our lives more successful and happier.

Goal setting has a role in helping you change your habits into habits that will benefit instead of harm.  Winning Ways, Inc. offers seminars. Training sessions, individual and group coaching sessions on setting the right goal and achieving it EVERY TIME!

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Merriam-Webser definition:  ef·fi·ca·cy    noun \ˈe-fi-kə-sē\

the power to produce a desired result or effect

What is your level of Self-Efficacy?

Take a quick Self-Efficacy Quiz to get your score:

  • How often do you challenge yourself with a difficult task?   never    sometimes    often
  • How often do you recover from a setback?
  • How often do you achieve the goal you decide to work on?
  • How often do you keep working until you finish the task?

3-4 Never – you would benefit from learning more about goal setting and Habitsetting™

3-4 Sometimes – you might enjoy learning more about goal setting and Habitsetting™ so you can become even better at accomplishing what you put your mind to

3-4 Often – You already are achieving the goals set for yourself.  You might enjoy learning goal setting principles so you can achieve even more!