How to Be a Successful Leader: It’s All About Awareness

As I wrote in my previous blog post , a study published in the Harvard Business Review recently revealed the four management traits of successful CEOs:

1. Reaching out to stakeholders
2. Being highly adaptable to change
3. Being reliable and predictable
4. Making fast decisions

Not only do these traits correlate with emotional intelligence (EQ), but anyone can improve them to become more effective leaders, whether you’re in the C-suite or on your way.

It’s all about awareness. When are you leading well and why? When are you not leading well and why? And how can you hone these four traits?

But let’s start small. You don’t need to improve all four traits at once. Pick the one trait that will be the real game changer for you as a leader.

Maybe you’d like to be more reliable and predictable. In this case, recognize how you are showing up when you’re stressed out. Is this how you want to show up? How often are you showing up like this? How do people respond to you?

Or maybe you’d like to improve your decision-making. What would happen if you started making decisions with only 70% of the data? Try doing it – how does it help you and your company?

Even if you excelled in two of these areas, you’ll be a much more effective leader.

Work on one trait now that will have the biggest impact. When you have improved that trait, pick a second one. Again, there is no need to work on everything at once.

Because this can be hard work, I highly recommend that you work with someone who can be objective, help you pinpoint your weaknesses, and provide straightforward, actionable ways to start making changes today.

This is exactly how I work with my coaching clients. Contact me today to get the discussion started.

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