Tips to improve your productivity and help your team more efficiently too!

1) Treat everyone the same–   It is human nature to be drawn to certain personalities more than others, but as a leader, you need to treat all in your team equally.  Try to avoid going to the same person for advice or to share a laugh.  Make yourself available to all of your team.  You do not want to be accused of playing favorites.  You handpicked each member of your team to work with you to make a better business.  Working all together as a team will build loyalty and will help you gain the trust of your team.

2) Give Back to the Community– Remember that your business is bigger than the four walls of your building.  Each of us has a responsibility to our community as a whole and you should foster that within your business.  Pick an organization to support..not only through monetary means but find something you can go and do as a team.  Walk in the Avon breast cancer walk to support a team member or organize a bake sale this May to raise money for pediatric cancer through .  The ideas are limitless but pick something that is important to you and your team.  A team member who values social causes will be motivated to lead this initiative too and you will be using team member’s strengths!

3)  Be There!  Above all BE THERE.  To make all of these tips successful, you need to be present to your team.  When a team member talks to you stop emailing, texting, or whatever and look at them.  Be in the moment.  Be there to make a difference in the lives of your team and you will be building leaders for the future!

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