5 Steps You Can Take to Stop Procrastinating and Become More Productive

If the first thing you do in the morning is eat a frog, nothing worse can happen to you that day.

Not literally, of course – though I’d say that statement is true either way!

According to Brian Tracy’s book Eat That Frog!, your frog should be your most difficult task on your to do list – the one you’re most likely to procrastinate on. If you ignore it, it can drain your energy.

Tracy’s point is really about managing your time wisely to increase the quality of your life. People who earn a lot of money aren’t necessarily smarter than you or have a better network or an Ivy league degree. They simply use their time better.

Here are 5 steps you can use to stop procrastinating:

Step 1: Start every day with alist

Write down everything you have to do the next day before you go to bed. Your subconscious can work on it while you sleep, and your sleep will be more restful. Simply making a list of your activities and tasks will increase your productivity by 25%.

Step 2: Set priorities

What are the 20% of tasks and activities on your list that account for 80% of the value? The tendency is to tackle small things first,  but when we do that, the time flies by and your major tasks are not completed.

Step 3: Eat the frog!

The first thing you do is start on the one task that is the most important – and maybe the most difficult.

Step 4: Work on it single-mindedly

Focus on completing that task or activity until it’s done. This one basic step will increase your output by 50%! As Tracy says, “Work on it as though your hair was on fire!”

Step 5: Overcome procrastination

Whenever you start to feel your mind wandering, say “Back to work!” or “Do it now!” Keep it positive. Another tactic you can try is promising someone that it will be ready by a certain day or time.

One final tip: When it comes to procrastination, Tracy suggests thinking about the consequences of doing a task or activity – or not doing it. You might find that you become that much more focused on finishing it before you turn to an easier, non-ambitious  task.

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