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The Simple Act of Listening

How often do you have to repeat a question because you didn’t listen to the answer the first time you asked?

Do you ever space out in meetings because you are thinking about dinner, carpools, and errands?

When was the last time you insisted to your spouse that he or she never told you something, but in truth, you just weren’t paying attention?

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Want People to Listen? These 6 Motivators Are the Key to Good Communication

We talk a lot about emotional intelligence, or EQ, here at Winning Ways, because a high EQ reaps so many rewards for the beholder. One of the key benefits of a high EQ is being able to communicate more effectively because you can better understand yourself and others.

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The Three G’s of Team-Focused Leadership

In my previous blog post, I told the story of a software company that had stagnated and was struggling to grow. A consultant, Peter Bregman, was brought in to help turn the company around, and he wrote an article for Psychology Today about why this ended up being one of his most challenging projects.

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11 Questions That Can Boost Your Self-Awareness and Improve Your Leadership Skills

Successful leaders know how to talk, listen and relate to other people. They can read body language, are thoughtful, have a healthy sense of self-esteem, continually engage with their employees, and are commited to creating a healthy, sustainable company culture.

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