The Importance of Working on Strengths

Working on your strengths is a highly valuable exercise that Peter Drucker started promoting in the 1950s.  In fact, effective leadership is directly related to the number of strengths a person has.

Let’s look at 6 important strengths that great leaders might share, along with simple tips to help you work on them:


Great leaders look at the big picture and suggest, develop, and implement projects and programs that will grow or strengthen a company.

Tip: What projects have you been mulling over? Share them with your team and ask for their input.

Problem Solving

No matter how well prepared you are, problems will arise. The key is to stay one step ahead – anticipate them and ensure they don’t happen.

Tip: Take a look at your current projects; have addressed all possible scenarios and put plans in place to mitigate risk?


Being able to stay calm and open-minded in a challenging situation and bounce back from setbacks is a really important trait for leaders – they need to continue moving forward, no matter what.

Tip: When faced with a challenge, practice breathing slowly and deeply to stay calm, and don’t respond until you have thought through a solution.

Communication Skills

Being able to effectively communicate your ideas verbally and in writing are as important as being able to read social cues and adapt to your audience.

Tip: Each time you enter a meeting, take the time to look at everyone in the room and study their body language. Who is in a good mood, and who isn’t?


Great leaders recognize that there is strength in numbers. Seek input and feedback from your team and employees to ensure your company is delivering the best products and services it can.

Tip: Regularly hold open door brainstorming sessions that anyone from your company can attend.


Of course, leaders need to have drive and stay motivated to continue moving forward, but they also need to be able to anticipate the wants and needs of their employees to keep them motivated.

Tip: Do you know what your employees need to stay motivated? If you don’t, ask them and/or use assessments to get an accurate picture of what they value.

If you want to improve your effectiveness as a leader, work on improving your strengths and how to use them more effectively in your work.  Think like an athlete.  If you are a homerun hitter keep practicing hitting homeruns!

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