Focus On Your Strengths To Improve Your Weaknesses

When you’re working on personal development as a leader, one of things you will do is identify your strengths and weaknesses. While it might seem natural to immediately focus on improving weaknesses, I take a different approach with my clients. Instead of focusing on weaknesses, I help my clients use their areas of strength to be successful in their areas of weakness.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say you are very social, outgoing, and good at connecting with people and building relationships. You are also very cognizant of following rules and remaining as accurate as possible in your analysis and recommendations. However, you might not be very aggressive or decisive.

If you use your strengths around relationship building, knowing the rules and being careful and accurate, you can become more decisive by doing research ahead of time so you are more informed on the issues. Thus, you will be better able to make decisions based on facts – which is your natural preference.

Additionally, you can use your knowledge of the facts and the people involved in the project to make more decisions. This will help you not only be more decisive, but more aggressive as well.

Think about your areas of strength and weakness. Make a list, with your strengths in one column and your weaknesses in another. Which strengths complement your weaknesses, and vice versa? How can you use them together to become a stronger leader?

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