10 Ways We Make Decisions

Did you know there are three distinct styles of decision-making?  While we generally use all three ways, most of us have a preference for one over the other two.  Understanding these styles is highly useful, especially when working with others on a project or program, for decision-making will inevitably be part of the process.

The three styles are personal, practical, and analytical.

  1. Personal: focuses on the needs of the team members and how to best use their talents
  2. Practical: focuses on just getting it done
  3. Analytical: focuses on getting it done correctly

Making decisions goes beyond styles, however.  There are seven motivational factors involved as well:

  1. The motivation to achieve balance, harmony, and find form or beauty
  2. The motivation to be financially secure
  3. The motivation to be seen as unique, independent, and stand apart from the crowd
  4. The motivation to have influence and control over one’s environment or success
  5. The motivation to benefit others in a humanitarian sense
  6. The motivation to establish order, routine, and structure
  7. The motivation to gain knowledge or discover truth

Now that you understand the 3 decision-making styles and the 7 reasons we make the decisions we do, you’re better able to understand your team members – and that is key to good communication, teamwork, and your ability to manage.

To help everyone on your team benefit from this information, share it, and your team will realize long-term and sustainable results.

Good communication starts with understanding how you communicate and how your team communicates.  If you would like to learn more about your communication style and what is you key motivator contact us.  We offer short online assessments that will give you research validated insight.

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