Want People to Listen? These 6 Motivators Are the Key to Good Communication

We talk a lot about emotional intelligence, or EQ, here at Winning Ways, because a high EQ reaps so many rewards for the beholder. One of the key benefits of a high EQ is being able to communicate more effectively because you can better understand yourself and others.

Ready to kick that understanding up a notch? Great, because we are going to talk about motivators.

Research has identified six motivators that are gender- and culture-neutral. These motivators, or passions, are what draw us in, hold our attention, and drive us. We typically have one or two main motivators, so as you read through this list, make it a point to pick out your top one or two:

1. Learning

You are life-long learner, intellectually curious, objective, and non-judgmental (every situation is a learning opportunity!).

2. Results

You think in terms of ROI. You are driven to accomplish, spend your time and energy carefully, and love to invest and earn.

3. Beauty and balance

You are creative and artistic and have a deep appreciation for nature and the environment, beauty, and harmony.

4. Service

You really like to help others and are often found volunteering, coaching, teaching, and mentoring. You probably also work as a caregiver or at a non-profit.

5. Leading

You are Type A and like to take charge, stand out, and be recognized as unique and the go-to person.

6. Tradition

You work hard and have strong beliefs and values. You are structured, orderly, and tend to see things in black and white.

Those are all really different and distinct motivators, aren’t they? Well, if you can tap into those motivators and communicate in a way that resonates with someone, you’ll immediately win their attention – and their support.

Here’s a list of words to use when communicating with each of the different motivator styles:

Learning: Learn, smart, understand, know, knowledge, meaning, expertise, and subject matter expert.

Results: ROI, practical, useful, make money, achieve, succeed, invest, bottom line, to the point, practical, save, and deal.

Beauty and balance: Create, beauty, artistic, appreciate, save, harmony, nice, balance, downtime, enjoy

Service: Help, people, care, teach, coach, mentor, humanity, make the world a better place, serve, volunteer, and contribute.

Leading: Be #1, top dog, the best, unique, in charge, lead, power, get ahead, and win.

Tradition: Stability, tradition, solid, strong, sacrifice, standard, dependable, and cause.

Try out your newfound knowledge of motivators during your next project kick-off meeting – and let me know how it goes!  If you would like to take an assessment to discover what motivates you the most in your personal and professional life give us a call.  703-434-3990.

In the meantime, how will you start using your knowledge of motivators at work – and at home?

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