The Three G’s of Team-Focused Leadership

In my previous blog post, I told the story of a software company that had stagnated and was struggling to grow. A consultant, Peter Bregman, was brought in to help turn the company around, and he wrote an article for Psychology Today about why this ended up being one of his most challenging projects.

You see, the problem was not in the company’s leadership. Peter quickly discovered that the company’s department heads were smart, capable, communicative, strategic people. However, after sitting in on a company meeting, he was shocked to learn that they were not team players. Instead, they worked in silos, unwilling to collaborate and thus move the company forward.

Peter decided to rip a page from columnist Dan Savage, who uses a “good, giving, and game” formula when talking about healthy personal relationships. As it turns out, all long-term relationships, whether they are personal or professional, require these 3 G’s, which Peter switched around to become “gifted, game, and generous.”

Here’s why the 3 G’s are so important for team-focused leadership:

Gifted: Leaders need to be good at what they do – that’s obvious right? But they have to be more than smart, prepared, well-informed, curious and capable. They must also be gifted communicators, gifted learners, gifted at solving conflicts, and gifted at remaining flexible as their role changes and the company grows.

Game: Leaders need to be open-minded risk-takers. They cannot shy away from being challenged or criticized. They cannot be defensive. They need to have confidence and be willing to take blame. And that is very hard to do.

Generous: Leaders need to put the company’s interests above their own – and their departments. They must be generous, mutually respectful, and gracious. They must take an interest in, learn about, and offer opinions about other departments. That takes a tremendous amount of courage.

How can you use the above 3 G’s at your company? Think about ways you can bring out those qualities in your management team and help them collaborate more effectively. Think about the results your company can expect to see in terms of revenue growth, customer satisfaction, or some other metric. A gifted, game, and generous leadership team can help you get there.  Contact us at Winning Ways if you would like to discuss ways you can help your leaders become more collaborative and grow your organization.

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