More Leadership Resolutions for 2011!

Last week you read about doing an leadership audit, keeping current with your reading, and challenging your team.  Remember to give us a call if we can help in anyway.

1) Don’t Give Up on Change! Like so many diet resolutions I make year after year, too quickly our New Year’s resolutions are gone by the time the Super Bowl Party rolls around. Make it a point to revisit your resolutions at least once a month and see how you’re doing. Add it into your Outlook calendar if that helps remind you. Just because you haven’t done as well one month doesn’t mean the whole year is wasted. Start again or pick up where you left off.

2) Stop it! Find at least two things that you’re doing today that waste your time, energy, effort or money and actually stop doing them. None of us operate at 100-percent efficiency, but the more “less-than-critical” activities we can shave from our day, the better. Keep a diary of your daily activities for one week. What’s extraneous to your success? What’s nice to do, but isn’t getting you anywhere? What can you cut without it coming back to bite you? Then cut it!

3) Make em Laugh!  We have all heard that laughter is the best medicine.  Humor can go a long way in easing tensions and breaking the ice.  If you and your team are more relaxed, the work will flow easier and you will have happier people in your office.  Make sure the office does not turn into a comedy club with keeping the air lighter will benefit you big in the end!

4) Have a “What if” Session- Invite your team or break your team up into groups and have a lunch together to consider the possibilities of the future.  Be open to all of the ideas that are brought forward.  Your next big idea may be developed over a turkey club!  Letting your team in on helping direct the business into the future will create unity and they will feel ownership in the business as well.

Stay tuned next week for the final set of resolutions


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