Listening: The Real Language of Love

With our busy lives, it is far too easy – both at home and at work – to talk more than we listen – and when we do listen, we only half pay attention to what is being said.  Instead, we multi-task constantly, cramming as much as we can into every moment, and we end up hearing without listening.

To develop and maintain relationships, it is imperative to listen more than we talk.  This month, practice being present in the moment.  Look at the person speaking – focus on their voice and look them in the eye if possible.  You will find yourself absorbing exactly what is being said, increasing productivity and reducing misunderstandings and arguments.

At work:

During meetings, stop shuffling papers, doodling, and checking your smartphone.

When a colleague stops by your office, turn away from your computer monitor and put your smartphone down so it isn’t in your hands.

While on a phone call, hide email, Twitter, and Facebook. And put that smartphone down.


At home:

Stop doing the dishes and turn around to face your spouse or kids.

Look up from reading or paying bills when someone asks you a question.

At dinner, everyone needs to keep their smartphones in another room – no exceptions.

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