Does Your Organization Develop Effective Leaders?

In 2015, Brandon Hall’s State of Leadership Development reported that only 19% of organizations were able to develop effective leaders. That’s so depressing, because it means leaders are thrown into the world without knowing how to be successful.

So, how good is your organization at developing effective leaders? That question leads us to a second one: How effective are your leadership development programs?

Before you answer those, let’s look at the definition of an effective leader. I use a transformational approach, so I define effective leaders as leaders who are invested in and connected with the individuals on their team. Those leaders actively help each person on their team reach their full potential.

Here are four things that all effective leadership development programs have in common:

1.      The program addresses individuals and the organization as a whole.

2.      The program sets goals and tracks progress.

3.      The program is individualized so that each leader can focus on what’s important for them.

4.      The program is supported by the C-suite.

Last year, the top 10 executives of an organization went through my Leadership Evolution program, including the CEO/founder. It was so impactful that the CEO asked to do the program with the next layer of his company – the senior management. The CEO is such a believer in the program that he will participate again. He wants his senior managers to see how invested he is in their success.

As you think about how your organization develops leaders, does your program meet those four requirements? How would you score your organization on a scale from A through F? Would the leaders and teams in your organization give the same grade as you?

If you see room for improvement, please reach out to learn more about Leadership Evolution.