7 Ways to Tell if Your Employees Are Engaged

You’ve read the studies, reports and articles about employee engagement. They all say one thing: When employees are engaged, they are productive. You can track productivity over the long-term, but what does that mean on a daily basis? What signs should you look for?

Over the course of my career, I have learned that employees are engaged if:

1.      They are positive.

2.      They have connections with others in the office.

3.      They are participating / contributing.

4.      They have conversations with leadership at the organization.

5.      They are actively working towards a promotion.

6.      They seek out professional development opportunities.

7.      They are interested in the success of the organization.

Keeping this checklist in mind, what should you do if you notice an employee is not engaged on a daily basis?


Here are 7 tips to encourage engagement:

1.      If they are not positive, have a one-on-one conversation. Find out what isn’t going well and what is. Work on solutions together and be sure to have follow-up conversations.

2.      If they are not connected to others, create teams to tackle projects and encourage collaboration.

3.      If they are not participating, find ways to pull them into conversations. During a meeting, ask them for their thoughts. Involve them in a project that they can co-lead.

4.      If they aren’t talking to leadership, take a more active role in setting up meetings. Even though you have an open-door policy, don’t assume they’ll come to you.

5.      If they aren’t pursuing a promotion that you think is ideal for them, ask the employee what their goals are for their career and discuss how they can grow at your organization.

6.      If they aren’t seeking professional development programs, they might not know where to look. Help them identify the programs that are perfect for them.

7.      If they don’t seem interested in the success of the organization, share the organization’s vision, high-level goals and strategic projects. Help them understand how their work is making an impact.

Offer a workshop to engage your employees by showing them you value their talent. We have several workshops that are two hours and more to engage your workforce and help your leaders become more effective.