7 Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Employees

Did you know that 79% of employees quit their jobs because they do not feel appreciated? As I write this, unemployment levels in the US are extremely low. If one of your top performers quits, it’s going to be hard – or even impossible – to replace them.

So, how are you appreciating your employees? If you think you could improve, here are seven ways to show appreciation:  

Hold one-on-one conversations

To make the conversation effective, find out where each person on your team would like their career to go. Ask open-ended questions that start with “how” or “what”. For example: How do you see your career growing and evolving?


During those one-on-ones, focus all of your attention on the employee. Keep your arms uncrossed, look them directly in the eye, and shut off or turn away from your phone and computer.

Follow up

Follow up with each employee and help them map out next steps. If they are clearly not ready for the next career transition, be realistic about when and how that will happen.

Be specific in your praise

If someone leads a meeting that moves a contract forward, don’t just say, “Good job!” Tell them you believed they helped save the contract. If you can tie your praise back to a career goal, that’s even better.

Encourage professional development

When you read about a course or workshop that could help one of your employees, tell them about it. Encourage them to sign up and attend. When it’s over, ask them what they learned and how they’re going to apply it towards career growth.  

Hire a coach – for yourself

If you’d like to become a more effective leader for your team, consider hiring a coach or taking a course. Effective leaders continually learn. In fact, The Leadership Circle found that there is a .71 correlation to leadership effectiveness when a leader focuses on their own learning.

I challenge you to identify three employees you can show appreciation for during the month of February. At the end of the month, email me and let know which tips you used and how they were received.