4 Accountability Systems That Will Help You Meet Your Goals

Now that you have your two goals for the year, along with guidance on the two things you need to do to achieve them, it’s critical to set up an accountability system. Here are four that work best for my clients.

Accountability partner

The most basic accountability system is sharing your goal with someone who you don’t want to let down. It might not be your best friend. Instead, it might be someone who makes you nervous.

Tell them your goal and the steps you’re going to take to get there. Lay it out, and ask them if they will be your accountability partner and meet with you once a month.


Another option is to set reminders and schedule time on your calendar. If you think you’ll ignore one calendar reminder, decide ahead of time if you need two or three reminders. It’s OK to need more than one prompt if this is a method that works for you.


You can certainly motivate yourself with rewards as you meet your milestones. Sometimes, the tiniest reward works. You could allow yourself that one Starbucks coffee drink you rarely order. Or, give yourself a certain amount of money to spend at Neiman Marcus. Remember that you can reward yourself for little milestones throughout the goal achieving process.

A lot of people work towards a real reward. “When I get this promotion, I’ll treat myself to a three-day getaway to the Caribbean.”

People who are successful goal-setters and achievers do this automatically. They are always setting up rewards for themselves. It helps with intrinsic motivation.

Accountability group

If you don’t already have a group, start one. You’ll be surprised how many people will be interested in joining. A group of 3-5 people is ideal. Commit to meeting once a month. Each of you can share a goal, support each other as you work towards it and state what you will accomplish by the next meeting.

I highly suggest inviting people to the group that have experience in the areas you want to improve. If you want to improve your self-care, invite a member who is into mindfulness, yoga and meditation. If you want to be more creative, invite someone who works in a creative field.

My homework for you is to choose one accountability system and put in place before the end of January.