2 Critical Things You Must Do to Meet Your Goals for the Year

If you haven’t set your word and goals for the year yet, January is a great time to do it. With the holiday rush over, you can focus on the year ahead.

So, what are two things you want to accomplish this year? One can be personal and one professional. Write them down! Make sure you put those goals in a visible place that is front and center.

This is important. Seeing your written goals on a regular basis will help ensure you achieve them. But so will doing these two things:

Create milestones

Let’s say one of your goals is to be promoted to a specific position. You’re going to have to take several steps to ensure this happens.

One step might be setting up a meeting with your boss and asking what you need to do to demonstrate you’re ready for the promotion. Your boss says you need a specific certification, and you need to be up-to-date on all performance reviews. He also suggests you talk with two people who already hold that position (or similar) and ask how to be successful in that role.

Schedule due dates

Now you have three milestones to achieve, so it’s time to schedule them on your calendar.

First, look up when the certification test is offered. Set up a timeline to prepare, and register for the test during Q1.

Look through all the performance reviews, and set a completion date for Q2.

Set up meetings with the two people who already hold the position you aspire to; you could do this during Q2 as well.

Continue to break down the steps you need to reach your goal, and schedule it on your calendar to ensure you keep moving forward.

This might sound easy and basic, but the people who achieve their goals create milestones and schedule completion dates.

If you’d like to guarantee your success on achieving your goal email me for a goal planning power grid. It includes 10 steps to guarantee you’ll achieve your goal. Every time you set a goal – achieve it!