How a Peer Learning Group Can Impact Your Leadership Success

Brain trust, leadership circle or peer learning group – whatever you’d like to call it, having a safe environment in which to discuss challenges, share ideas and learn from others is vital to your success as a leader. You can certainly talk to your spouse or best friend about challenges at work, but a group of peers will provide insights that those in your personal life can’t.

Think of a peer learning group as your personal board of advisors who you trust and will support you as you face challenges. The benefits are invaluable.

If you join a peer learning group, you will:

  • Gain relevant, realistic ideas for planning a course of action

  • Learn new approaches or methods

  • Hone your coaching skills (it’s about giving as much as getting!)

  • Be held accountable to get things done

  • Receive non-judgmental support from your peers

The outcomes can be quite remarkable. Getting feedback and hearing thoughts and ideas from other people expands the way you view something, which increases your awareness and empathy. You will also likely improve your listening and reflection skills. The stronger these skills, the stronger you will become as a leader.

Here’s how to set up a peer learning group:

Find a few others with similar leadership roles; aim for three to five people.

Create a recurring meeting to ensure you connect on a regular basis; once a month is ideal.

Develop a loose agenda to follow during each meeting; members can either bring a challenge or a breakthrough/accomplishment to share.

If you’d rather work with someone to set one up, I can help. Reach out to me and I’ll help you develop a peer learning group that you can run on your own for years to come.  There are nuances that help the groups operate smoothly and a facilitator/coach for the first few meetings can get the group up and running for a long time.  (Note that I will teach you how to coach each other; I will not be your coach.)