Is a 360 Review a Gift – or a Curse?

I have been working on 360 reviews with clients lately. Some find the feedback incredibly useful and are genuinely excited to hear what their colleagues say about their leadership skills. They see it as a gift. Others do everything in their power to prove that the review does not reflect the truth.

How you view a 360 is connected to your awareness. The ability to face a challenge, step into the discomfort and come through learning something about yourself is critical to improving your EQ and your level of reality-testing. Someone with a high level of reality-testing understands and accept the facts, even if it casts them in a less-than perfect light.

So yes, it may be true that not all the feedback in a 360 review is accurate. However, the higher your reality-testing, the easier it is for you to understand what is and what is not true and make changes from there.

Here’s an example of reality-testing: You’re running late to work and suddenly your GPS tells you there’s a bad accident up ahead. When you finally get to work, you apologize to your team. “I’m so sorry I’m late for our meeting. There was bad traffic on the way to work.”

But that’s not true, is it? You were not late because of bad traffic. You were already running late, and it was compounded by bad traffic. Someone with a high level of reality-testing would say, “I’m so sorry I’m late for our meeting. I left the house 15 minutes late, and then I ran into really bad traffic.”

If you’d like to increase reality-testing, commit to telling the same story over and over using only the facts. Instead of changing the story about why you’re late to the meeting and embellish the story each time it is retold.  Good reality-testing helps to keep us clear on what is real and know ourselves better.

Are you ready to get real-time information about your leadership? Contact us for information on a 360 review as an opportunity to understand and improve your leadership skills. If you’d like more ideas for increasing your level of reality-testing, email me.