Why You Need an Accountability Partner

In my previous blog post, we talked about creating a Word of the Year and why one single word can be life-changing. Now it’s time to go one step further and work with an accountability partner.

Why bother? It is proven that an accountability partner can help you achieve your goals – but not only for the reason you think. Having someone hold you accountable for what you are working towards is valuable.  It is powerful to have someone to talk through the challenges and obstacles along the route to achievement. The opportunity to have someone to talk through things, bounce ideas off, brainstorm with and problem-solve helps all of us achieve our goals.

This is a true partnership. One of you isn’t the task master and the other the do-er. You are in it for each other. You are each other’s coach.

In one group I coached, a set of accountability partners selected one thing they wanted to improve with their emotional intelligence (EQ). They met each month and helped each other when little progress was made and cheered each other on when they were on track.  They soon realized that meeting monthly kept them on track and focused.

Here’s how to get started:

Talk with a colleague, friend or peer to meet monthly to support one another for a goal you want to achieve. Share your Word of the Year and the goal you are working on with your accountability partner. Ask them to share theirs with you.

Set up a recurring monthly meeting – a phone call, lunch, coffee, whatever. During that meeting, share any progress you have made and any challenges you have had. Celebrate each other’s wins and help each other navigate the roadblocks.

If your accountability partner hasn’t made any progress, help them figure out what’s going on. Maybe they need to refine that goal. Brainstorm with them. Think through the roadblocks and help them make changes so they can be successful.

To help you be even more successful, I have created five discussion points for a successful accountability partnership. Email me, and I’ll send them over to you.