What Is Your 2019 Word of the Year?

When I talk about my word of the year and setting goals, people often ask me what comes first – the word or the goal. There is no right answer. Both are important, so it doesn’t matter which comes first. Some years, I start with the word. Some years, I start with the goals.

What is important is clarity.

Think about the one major theme or focus you want to have in 2019. What will move your life forward personally and professionally?

I have found that if I don’t have enough clarity around my word or goal, I will not achieve my goal. In 2018, my word was “quality”. I chose to focus on the quality of the senior leadership program I developed a few years ago. I reviewed each module to ensure my clients would walk away with something transformational or that would greatly add to the quality of their leadership.

I also focused on the quality of the relationships in my personal life. Just like you, I get so busy that I neglect my inner circle of friends. I made it a point to spend more time with them. I also focused on spending quality time with my parents, and my children, who are adults and don’t live nearby.

As I look back on 2018, I achieved my goals. I set the clear intention, and I created circumstances to work towards my goals. Each of the goals are still in progress too but they won’t stay the central focus for 2019.

Don’t worry about hitting your goals 100%. That is too much pressure! Instead, set the intention, align your goals with your word of the year, and focus on improvement over perfection.

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By the way, the card always features a photo I took during the past year. The 2019 card features a breath-taking sunset I experienced when I was with my parents and son when we were spending a week together. None of us had ever seen a sunset like this – not even my parents who are in their 80s. I wanted to share it with you. Much success in choosing the word and goals for 2019. We each can make it the year of happiness and success.