Do You Know Your EQ Score? 3 Big Benefits You Might Be Missing

It’s one thing to know what Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is, but it’s another thing to take an assessment and know your score (both overall and for each component). Here are the three biggest benefits I see my clients – all accomplished leaders – gain once they take an assessment:

1: You’ll know if your EQ is helping or holding you back as a leader

Once you have an EQ score, you’ll know what your strengths are and what might be holding you back from reaching your potential as a leader.

When I first met one client, they laid out the things they wanted to focus on in our work together. At the top of the list was their communication skills. They kept getting dinged on this in performance reviews and wanted to improve.

After they took the EQi 2.0 (the EQ assessment I administer), we learned that one of the things they scored low on was interpersonal relationship skills. Naturally, interpersonal relationship skills have a communication component to it, but it’s really about building relationships and rapport with the team. If we had only worked on communication skills, this leader wouldn’t have improved their leadership skills.  

2: You’ll know what to focus on

Just like the leader I talked about above, a lot of leaders I work with don’t even know they’re not working on the areas that need the most attention. Once you know what is low, you can be more strategic about improving that skill.

One leader I used to work with learned that they were not assertive enough. We created a couple of strategies to address this. Whenever they were at the monthly leadership meeting, their goal was to speak up at least once during the first 10 minutes of the meeting and again towards the end of the meeting. Even if they agreed with what was said, they would speak up.

This person went from never speaking in the monthly leadership meeting to having a voice and getting noticed. They became more front-and-center to the CEO, and it has benefited their career tremendously.

3: You’ll be positioned to excel at work

When you understand your EQ score and your strengths, you can position yourself to use your strengths to your benefit.

Let’s say one of your strengths is managing stress. You can take on a big, high-profile project with tough deadlines, because you will be able to maintain your calm, help your team solve challenges, and keep the project moving forward. Your ability to manage stress ensures that you will shine as a leader and that your team will be successful.

If you want to enjoy these three key benefits, contact me today about taking the EQi 2.0 assessment.