The Power Behind a Word of the Year

Can a single word have a powerful impact on your life? Yes, absolutely, which is why I encourage my clients to choose a Word of the Year every January. 

This is about much more than a word. It is about creating an intention for what you want to achieve in your life. The word needs to encompass your personal and your professional selves – it must embody all of you.

Note that the word is not a phrase, nor is it one word for work and one for home. To be most effective, the word has to be a stretch. What have yet to accomplish? What would you love 2018 to bring you?

For example, say your word is freedom. In your professional life, you want to finally get that promotion so you no longer report to a boss who you don’t like. You want to continue doing the work you love but on a higher, more visible level.

In your personal life, maybe you want freedom from your weight. You want to have more energy, sleep better, feel better about yourself and get out and do things with friends instead of hiding at home in your pajamas.

Freedom also means that you can stand up for yourself, assert your opinion and create boundaries – in both your professional and personal lives.

So, how do you choose a word? Think about the year ahead and ask yourself what would make this year the year of growth and success.   Try out different words to find the one that resonates with you, you’ll know when it’s the right word. 

Write down that word, and then write one or two goals for your professional and personal lives. Keep this where you can see it every day.

If you could like a Word of the Year card to stand up on your desk, reach out and we’ll send you one in the mail.