The One Thing That Top Negotiators Have in Common

Are you a good negotiator? Then chances are you have high EQ (emotional intelligence).

Because you have high EQ:

·         You are more likely to put your negotiation counterparts in a good mood and leave them more satisfied with the outcome.

·         You have higher levels of satisfaction with your own negotiation outcome.

·         It’s easier to understand how other people see you – an important edge that will serve you well.

Whether you are negotiating a raise, a merger with another company, or buying a new car, those EQ skills can be critical to getting what you want.

I just bought a new car, and I got exactly what I wanted. It took a lot of negotiation - I went back to the dealership four times – but I held my ground. I had done my research and told them exactly what I wanted to pay. Naturally, they started $5k higher, but in the end, I got the car for less than my set price.

It was the best negotiation I have ever done. I remained calm, I communicated clearly, I was kind, and I treated everyone with respect.

 Imagine a big negotiation scenario: You are interviewing for a new job and want four weeks of vacation. Your team needs a longer deadline on a big client project. You want to win a lucrative contract that has always gone to a big rival.

How can you stay calm under pressure? What intention do you want to show up with?

If staying calm sounds like a mission impossible, contact us to take an EQ assessment. We can help you improve your EQ skills so you too can become a strong negotiator.