Forget Your Weaknesses: The Best Leaders Focus on Their Strengths

Did you know that a well-rounded leader is a myth? Research has proven it, and I have seen it first-hand over the course of my career. The top leaders recognize their weaknesses and lead from their strengths. They’re the ones who build teams of people who have different, and complementary, skills and areas of expertise.

This might seem contrary to professional development. Why would you not want to learn how to do something you’ve never done before?

Because change is very hard for humans. And today, change is constantly swirling around us. It’s even more important to use your strengths in the 21st Century than it was 50 years ago. Plus, our strengths revitalize us. Our weaknesses deplete us.

Think about the star hitter on your favorite baseball team. What does he do at practice every day? He practices batting. He doesn’t practice pitching, catching, or throwing. He practices hitting home runs. He (literally) plays to his strengths.

Imagine you are the star hitter, and you are talking to your general manager about who to draft. Would you want all of your new teammates to also be star hitters? Of course not.

Yet in the business world, we have a tendency to hire people like ourselves. Instead, figure out your strengths, have your people figure out their strengths, and put together teams based on complementary strengths.

Want to discover or hone your strengths? Need your team to do the same? Reach out to us, and we’ll talk about how to get started.