The Most Effective Way to Become a Better Leader – Permanently

If I have learned one thing in 30 years of helping leaders make a bigger, more positive impact on their organizations, it’s this: Multi-month programs have the greatest impact on long-term results.

Sure, it might seem more convenient to attend a half-day workshop or attend several days in a row to get it done, but one-time quick hits of information don’t have the staying power that programs with “spaced repetition” do. According to Dr. Robert Bjork, chair of the psychology department at UCLA, learning in short bursts over time and repeatedly testing yourself on what you’ve learned is much more effective for long-term recall than cramming.

Bjork’s theory is backed up by a multi-year study that The Center for Innovative Management conducted at FedEx. During a six-month program, new managers made major improvements in their influence, quality of life, and decision-making competency areas.

This is why I developed the 8-month Periscope Leadership Program (PLP): It is effective, and the benefits are far-reaching. When I surveyed past PLP participants, this is what they told me:

·         100% said the program helped them develop clarity around what’s important (at work and as a leader)

·         95% said it helped them bounce back from a setback or emotionally challenging situation

·         81% said their increase in self-awareness was life-changing

PLP leaves plenty of time for you to focus on your work and interact with your team. You will meet for three hours once a month with a facilitator. As you go through PLP, you will:

·         Take leadership competency assessments that will act as a baseline for your progress

·         Practice a new learning objective and/or skill over the course of a month

·         Work with an accountability partner to stay on task

·         Receive content in a variety of formats

·         Meet once a month to review prior learning, report on results and formulate new ideas to test

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