Become the Leader You Want to Be Today

Are you the leader you want to be? If you’re answer is, “Mostly – but I’m not there yet,” I want you to meet Sean. Sean is an engineer with a military background who wanted to focus on better understanding himself and how he shows up with his team.

He participated in my new Periscope Leadership Program and completely changed the way he mentors employees. “I had this statement in the military that I didn’t expect people to do anything that I could do myself,” remarked Sean, “and I expected that same standard out of [my team]. With the Periscope program, it made me step back and evaluate people on an individual level and not put them into my box.”

The result? A more effective team – and a promotion for him.

I created this program for people like Sean – people just like you – who are doing great but want to do better and have more control over their lives and careers. The Periscope Leadership Program draws from more than 30 years of leadership development and coaching experience. Using assessments as a starting point, I will guide you through a six-step methodology that will raise your emotional intelligence and help you retain and implement your learning.

Sean’s results aren’t atypical:

·         85% of course takers see an improvement in their visionary leadership skills

·         81% report that the improvements they made were life changing

·         76% report improvement in their self-awareness

·         72% report improvement in their listening

We will work together during eight half-day sessions over eight months. As you go through the program, you will be able to see how people are responding to you – or not. You will also be able to see if you’re showing up with the intention you want to show up with.

For example, during a meeting, you will start noticing if you are responding thoughtfully – or if you are reacting quickly and critically. You will notice who is engaged and who is not, and you will be able to pivot to engage your audience.

At its heart, this program is about using your emotional intelligence to your best advantage. It will help you identify what your intention is as a leader so you can show up as that leader (and self-monitor to ensure you are showing up in that way). 

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