Why You Shouldn’t Bother Taking Assessments

As someone who believes in the eye-opening, life-transforming potential of assessments, it might sound odd that I’m telling you to not bother taking them. A recent conversation reminded me why this can be very good advice.

I was in a meeting with three smart, accomplished women who had participated in one of my professional development workshops. One of them said, “I can’t believe that until I worked with you, I had never ever taken any assessments about myself – and it’s been such a huge game-changer for me! You’re probably shocked to hear that.”

I replied, “No, not at all! I actually hear this a lot.”

Another woman said, “I have had plenty of assessments in my professional career, but no one has ever debriefed me on the results. What’s the point in taking them if no one explains it to you?”

Exactly. Taking an assessment is only valuable if you are debriefed on the results by an expert who is certified in that assessment. Otherwise, it is a waste of time.

I did a debrief with a new coaching client a few days ago, and before we talked, she was looking at the results saying, “This is not me. I don’t agree with what this says.” But as I explained what everything meant, she kept saying, “Wow, this is so me!”

There are so many nuances involved during a debrief, which is why I undergo retraining every two years for two of the assessments I use. I better make sure I really know my stuff! I will happily give you the EQ-i 2.0 assessment, but I would never give you a Myers-Briggs assessment because I’m not trained or certified in it. I can refer you to a top practitioner in MBTI if you want that information.

I would love to help you and your team experience the powerful impact of an assessment during one of my workshops. Everyone will take the assessment ahead of time, and then I will debrief the team during one session. You will learn a lot about yourself and others, making your team stronger as a result.

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