From Stuck to Prepared: How I Helped One Client Develop Executive Presence

“Attitude reflects leadership.” – Anonymous

During my career as a coach, I have seen absolutely astounding transformations when men and women work to develop their executive presence (neatly summed up in the above quote). The most recent transformation I observed occurred over the past six months as I watched Amy completely turn around the way she was showing up at work.

Amy is Senior Director, Operations at a government consulting company. Here’s her story:

“I knew I needed to develop executive presence. I reached a point in my career as a strategy consultant where I was not moving forward, and I felt like part of that was how I was showing up to others in meetings (internal meetings, not client meetings). I needed to heighten my awareness of what that meant and then identify how to fix what wasn’t working and where I was stalled.

“During my work with Joan, I learned that I can be emotional, judgmental, and can be self-righteous. When I bring these characteristics into my interactions with others, it is very detrimental. Learning about them and how they interfered with my relationships helped me change how I was showing up.

“Now I’m aware when those characteristics are coming into play during meetings. I have the ability to say, ‘Wait, this is interfering with how I want to present myself in this meeting or in this discussion. I need to put these things aside and let them not interfere with the point I’m trying to make.’

“I worked with Joan from July 2015 til January 2016, meeting with her about every three weeks in person. I now feel more prepared to move forward with my career. I am better able to focus and be present in the discussions I’m having rather than thinking about how I’ll reply or react. I’m also much calmer.

“I had interviewed several other coaches, but none of them felt like a good fit – til I talked to Joan. She got inside my head and heart and helped me explore. She was a really good listener and able to push me. I don’t always take direction well – something else I learned during our work together! – but the way she delivered guidance, I was able to hear it and reflect on it and make a change.

“It was a really great experience, it really was. It was painful at times, but I’ve come out of the experience better for it. It’s going to help me in all my relationships – at work and at home.”

If you would like to turn around the way you are showing up at work this year so you, too, can move forward in your career, let’s talk. Please contact me for a free consultation!

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