The Life-Altering Benefits of Keeping a Plant in Your Office

Yes, just one humble houseplant can positively alter your life – especially during the workday. Plants have been proven to:

  • Lower stress and anxiety
  • Increase attentiveness by 70 percent
  • Increase kind and helpful behavior and well-being
  • Speed recovery rates of surgical patients
  • Decrease fatigue, colds, headaches, coughs, sore throats and flu-like symptoms


I was thrilled to read this research, as it perfectly aligns with something I’ve been talking a lot about over the past few months:

We can set ourselves up to succeed by keeping ourselves and our brains in a very calm state. When we’re calm, our prefrontal cortex is activated, and we can think more clearly, respond better and show up with the intention that we desire.

Even if you have a black thumb, you can keep a plant in your office. From diminutive succulents to bold fiddle leaf ferns, you can find a list of 22 easy-to-grow and hard-to-kill houseplants here.

You could even turn this into a team building exercise. Companies like Sunshine and Succulents will come into your office for a terrarium workshop. At the end of the session, everyone takes nature back to their office.

Put aside an hour this weekend to buy a low maintenance plant. When you come into work on Monday, place it in your direct line of vision.

A bonus activity: Try this one-minute grounding meditation.

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