Happiness Is … High Emotional Intelligence

Want to be happier? Numerous studies have shown that happiness is directly linked to high emotional intelligence (EQ).

In one famous study, researchers at Harvard University followed the lives of 268 men for 72 years to answer the question, “What makes us happy?” The men entered college in the late 1930’s and lived through war, career, marriage and divorce, parenthood and grandparenthood, and old age. Participants included John F. Kennedy and Ben Bradlee, but what’s most remarkable are the findings.

Happiness is dependent on empathy and self-awareness.

People with more self-awareness, empathy and higher EQ have a lower divorce rate, earn more money, get promoted, etc. Further, happiness is tied to all of the EQ competencies but weighted heavier in four. If you work on these four competences, your happiness will go up.

These four areas are:

1.      Self-regard: Self-esteem or confidence

2.      Self-actualization: Pursuit of meaning; self-improvement

3.      Interpersonal skills: Ability to read and react to other people’s emotions in a positive, constructive way

4.      Optimism: Hopefulness

If you feel one is not particularly strong, work on it. You will increase your happiness. Here are easy ways to strengthen each competency.

1.      Self-regard: For every negative thought, remind yourself of two positives.

2.      Self-actualization: Choose a goal you’ve been sitting on. Write down the first step you need to take, and then take it.

3.      Interpersonal skills: Stay in touch with people. Put a quarterly or yearly reminder on your calendar to reach out to friends.

4.      Optimism: Keep a gratitude journal, and write down three things you are grateful for every day.

On a happiness scale of 1-10, where are you today? Where you want to be? If you want strategies or help with getting there, call or email us. This is what we specialize in, and it would be an honor to help you.

Here’s to your health, happiness and self-awareness!