The Fastest Way to Radically Improve Your EQ

A few weeks ago, I was wrapping up an Emotional Intelligence (EQ) workshop with a team of executives, and I was once again reminded how quickly you can radically improve your EQ just by knowing your strengths and weaknesses.

Each person in the workshop had taken an EQ assessment, and we were talking about the results. One of the participants said, “I learned that my interpersonal relations score is very low. I had no idea, and now I realize people must think I’m cold and distant because I keep to myself. I want to change that and strengthen my connection to each of you. And I’d love your support.”

I define EQ as using your emotions to help you, not hinder you. Once you identify an area of weakness, start noticing when it shows up. Then create a strategy to improve this skill.

Maybe your weakness is impulse control. You spend a week paying attention to when it shows up and discover that you are constantly interrupting during meetings – conference calls and in-person, one-on-one and team meetings.

You then choose a specific goal to use during meetings. “I am not going to talk for the first 15 minutes of a meeting so others can speak.”

Want to learn your strengths and weaknesses as related to EQ? To celebrate EQ Month, we are giving away a gift each week, and this week it’s a free online EQ assessment. You can take it here.

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