This One Mindfulness Exercise Can Make You A Better Leader

My client Ben recently told me this story:

“A direct report came into my office to discuss an important concern. After a few minutes, he said, ‘I can see you’re busy. I’ll talk to you about this later.’

“After he left, I realized that the entire time he was in my office, I never looked up. Instead, I was typing and staring at my monitor while trying to pay attention to what he was saying. At that moment, I knew I needed to make a change. I don’t want to be seen as a leader who’s too busy for his team.

“That afternoon, I moved the position of my keyboard and monitor to the side of my workstation so that when someone comes into my office, I can’t continue typing or I’ll have my back to the person.”

Ben’s experience perfectly illustrates the process of using mindfulness to improve our leadership style.

First, we have to be conscious of what we want to change. In Ben’s case, that was focusing all of his attention on the person in his office.

Second, we have to notice how we’re showing up. Ben realized he was multi-tasking.

Third, we have to work on changing it. Ben rearranged his office so he’d have to turn from his monitor when someone stopped by.

What could you do today that would make an impact on your leadership? 

Is there something that would allow you to be more present? 

After you do this exercise, share what you noticed and how you changed. Contact me for ideas on how to make small changes, so you can be more effective as a leader.

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