6 Ways To Balance The Stress In Your Life

Stress. It keeps us up at night. It’s what we try to escape during our annual summer vacation. It can even make us sick.

But stress can also be a good thing. Without stress, we wouldn’t get anything done. All of our projects would be delivered late. Dinner would be served … whenever. Our cars would break down, because, oops, we never got the oil changed.

So, yes, we do need to balance our stress tolerance. We need enough that we are motivated, but not so much that we are overwhelmed.

Our Emotional Intelligence includes how well we function in the midst of challenging and stressful situations.  We want to be able to handle stress without it getting us overwhelmed.


A person with low stress tolerance:

  • Stressed or anxious with life and work
  • Procrastinates and delays decisions due to fear
  • Agitated easily
  • Gives up to quickly
  • Lacks self-confidence
  • Lacks a self-control or power

If your stress tolerance is low then you might find it hard to unplug from something stressful, you might get rattled easily and might struggle with anxiety over things that others seem to handle well.

A person with high stress tolerance:

  • Ignorant to stressors
  • Not invested in the outcome
  • Disregard severity of situation
  • Emotionally disconnected
  • Overly confident or arrogant

To improve your stress tolerance, look at the bigger picture.

Connect with others who are struggling with the same issues and challenges and get support and share best practices.

Schedule aerobic workouts like brisk walking, running, biking, swimming etc.  Ideally do this two to three times a week.

Determine where the stress is coming from and ask for help in dealing with it by delegating some of it, postponing it or simply not doing all the tasks.

Diet, Sleep and Exercise

Look at your diet and focus on eating better, decreasing the alcohol and/or sleep more at night.  Several companies are now paying their employees a stipend if they sleep more than 7 hours a night.  The research is showing us that we each need to make a sleep a higher priority to enjoy life and work.

Let me tell you a story about one of my clients who was beyond stressed out. She is married, has young children and is working full-time at the pinnacle of her career. During one of our first coaching sessions, she confessed that she used to run but, “I don’t have time for it anymore. “

“Ten minutes a day,” I responded. “Put on your sneakers, and just run for 10 minutes.”

She now runs 30 minutes several times a week. She rediscovered her love of running and what it did for her. In fact, she told me, “I walk in the door in the evening a more focused and happier mom.”


Practice meditation, mindfulness, and/or yoga. Start with just two minutes a day, and increase from there.

Practice self-care

If you love to read historical novels, carve out time, even if it’s just 20 minutes a day. Or journal every day. Or paint, play the guitar, garden. Do something you love every day.

Practice gratitude

People who practice gratitude are calmer and more in love with their life. Every day – whether at dinner or in your journal before bed – list three things you are grateful for.

Do you want to help your team handle and manage their stress levels better? Do you want a team that works better together and enjoys each other more? Let’s talk about how a workshop on stress tolerance might be the ideal solution.

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