Leadership Quiz: How Strong Are Your EQ Competencies?

Earlier this summer, I found a great infographic on emotional intelligence (EQ) that tackled the topic from a different angle: your EQ affects your leadership style, which in turn affects how you motivate employees.

Once I dug a little deeper, I found that the information in the infographic can be used to gauge your specific EQ competencies. As you might guess, the study that the infographic is based on found numerous correlations between effective leadership types and high EQ:

  • Leaders who are strong in six or more EQ competencies are the most effective.
  • Those who are strong in 10 or more competencies can change leadership styles quickly depending on the situation.
  • Leaders who are only strong in three or fewer EQ competencies are the most ineffective.

Now it’s quiz time! Grab a notebook and pen, and make three columns: Strong, Weak, and OK. As you read each competency, add it to the column that represents your grasp of it.


  • Emotional self-awareness: Understand your emotions and their impact on the world
  • Accurate self-assessment: Realistically evaluate your strengths and weaknesses
  • Self-confidence: Have a strong sense of self-worth

Social Awareness

  • Empathy: Sense and understand others’ emotions
  • Organizational awareness: Read organizational life and navigate workplace politics
  • Service orientation: Recognize and meet customers’ needs


  • Self-control: Keep disruptive emotions under control
  • Trustworthiness: Consistently display honesty and integrity
  • Conscientiousness: Manage yourself and responsibilities
  • Adaptability: Adjust to change and overcoming obstacles
  • Achievement orientation: Drive to meet internal standards of excellence
  • Initiative: Readiness to seize opportunities

Social Skill

  • Visionary leadership: Take charge and inspire
  • Influence: Can persuade
  • Developing others: Provide feedback and guidance
  • Communication: Listen and send clear, convincing messages
  • Change catalyst: Initiate new ideas and lead others in new direction
  • Conflict management: De-escalate disagreement and create solutions
  • Building bonds: Cultivate and maintain a network of relationships
  • Teamwork/collaboration: Promote cooperation

How’d you do? What are you great at? What do you want to work on to make a difference in motivating others?

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