How Embracing Change Can Simplify Work and Life

Using quiet to set priorities and embrace the change that is a constant in life.

Sandra Henderson, a vice president at Total Quality Building Services, a building maintenance company based in Washington, D.C., and mother of a large blended family, was initially intrigued by the PAUSE Retreat as a good way to bond with a friend and get away from the day-to-day routine. So when she received the invitation to the retreat, she immediately signed up. This came at a time when her employer was seeking new ways to expand its business and put new life into its current book of business. Change nonetheless brings uncertainty and Sandra was looking forward to the retreat to focus on how she would achieve this new corporate directive and also bring new energy to and focus on her personal life.

“I learned a lot of things about myself. It was essential to have time away and remove myself from all of life’s demands. The retreat allowed me to step into who I am—the real me. As a mother, my attention is often focused on everyone else. I had time to dedicate to myself, define what it was I wanted to do, and prioritize what was important to me,” shared Sandra. “At the PAUSE Retreat, we learned how to value our time, which led me to set specific goals that I wanted to work toward.”

Sandra detailed how the time for quiet reflection helped her recognize how well she had fared through several major life changes. “I learned how to be in the moment and let my mind relax. I was able to reflect back on many milestones in my life and it was revealing. I recognized I should be more appreciative and worry less.”

She continues with the practice of mindfulness and believes it’s helping her embrace many of the changes happening at work. “I changed the way I worked with others,” said Sandra. “I now embrace colleagues’ opinions and listen more intently to them. In the past, I often was distracted and only heard a portion of their messages, busying myself with multitasking, instead of being in the moment and giving the individual the attention he/she deserved.”

During the retreat, Sandra dedicated time to her career, personal goals, and her faith, and found that by prioritizing the things she wanted, making choices was now much easier. She has developed a new clarity to how she uses spiritual meditation and new techniques on how to be quiet and listen.

Sandra also changed the way in which she approaches time management and values it. She returned from the PAUSE Retreat with several new skills, including the importance of dedicating time to your priorities. She continues to spend time daily seeking God, meditating, and exercising, things she realized were vital to her own well-being and the priorities most important to her.

The merger of setting priorities and time management has helped Sandra work toward her own personal and professional goals, instead of managing around the needs of others. She reveals that the ability to prioritize and truly value what is important has also freed her to let go of those things that just add clutter to her life … and her basement.

“My goals are back on the priority list,” said Sandra. “The retreat ignited my desire to achieve goals I set over five years ago. It made me realize that it is possible to regain momentum and start fresh with a confident expectation of success. I loved the rest my mind experienced.”

When asked if there was anything about the retreat others should know, she added, “The location was so beautiful—we were surrounded by water and didn’t have to leave the property. We had wonderful private rooms, our meals were prepared for us, and we had time for solitude or could meet with others when we chose.” Sandra is looking forward to returning to another PAUSE Retreat.

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