7 Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Employees


Did you know that 79% of employees quit their jobs because they do not feel appreciated? As I write this, unemployment levels in the US are extremely low. If one of your top performers quits, it’s going to be hard – or even impossible – to replace them.

So, how are you appreciating your employees? If you think you could improve, here are seven ways to show appreciation:  

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How to Achieve (Not Just Set) Goals for Career and Life Success

I was at a luncheon two weeks ago, and a friend said to me, “I looked at my Word of the Year card yesterday and realized I achieved both of my goals this year!” The smile on her face could not have been bigger. What a great feeling to achieve goals!

If achieving not one but two big goals in a year sounds like a pipe-dream, here’s a little secret for you: It’s all about the power of intention.

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The Fine Art of Setting Goals

When you were a child, you probably set goals all the time without realizing it. “I want to get A’s and B’s – nothing lower – in school.” “I want to save up enough money to buy Nintendo for X dollars.” “I want to master throwing a curve ball.”

Even back then, you knew that setting and achieving goals helped you make the most of your life. As an adult, that same principle now applies to you both personally and professionally.

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Sleep Your Way To a Higher EQ

Sleep is one key to higher emotional intelligence, or EQ. While you are sound asleep, your brain is at work shuffling through your memories and storing or discarding them. This shuffling process results in two things: dreams and an alert and clearheaded mind when you wake up.

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Joan Fletcher