7 Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Employees


Did you know that 79% of employees quit their jobs because they do not feel appreciated? As I write this, unemployment levels in the US are extremely low. If one of your top performers quits, it’s going to be hard – or even impossible – to replace them.

So, how are you appreciating your employees? If you think you could improve, here are seven ways to show appreciation:  

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How to Achieve (Not Just Set) Goals for Career and Life Success

I was at a luncheon two weeks ago, and a friend said to me, “I looked at my Word of the Year card yesterday and realized I achieved both of my goals this year!” The smile on her face could not have been bigger. What a great feeling to achieve goals!

If achieving not one but two big goals in a year sounds like a pipe-dream, here’s a little secret for you: It’s all about the power of intention.

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