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Winning Ways Pause Professional Women's Retreat

Join us for a women’s retreat to restore and reframe your personal and professional life.  The weekend  will be a time to be alone and with a small intimate group of ten professional women.  Each person will have a private room and bathroom in a mansion in Rehoboth Beach, where everything is provided from linens to continual teas and snacks.  A private chef will feed us with wholesome, fresh and delicious food while we take the time to focus on ourselves.  Each evening there will be a time to come together prior to the meal for a glass of wine and positive discussion.

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to Mar 27

Winning At Sales! First Session

Venue: Bechtel Conference Center

Address: 1801 Alexander Bell Dr Reston VA 20191

A 20 hour ten week program! The most effective sales training program for Business Owners, Executives, Non-Sales People, and Underperforming Sales Professionals that need a boost. Increase Win RAates, Shorten Sales Cycles, Increase Profit Margins and Build the Confidence to Win more often.

Contact Person: Barbara Ann Beisler Email:

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7:30am 7:30am

The Challenge of Time Management - Take Back Your Time!

In our rapidly changing, time-conscious world, we are forced to get more done, with fewer people, in less time. The quantity of time will not change. There are always 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, and 24 hours in a day. Therefore, what needs to change is our perception of time, and how we manage our time, both professionally and personally.

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7:30am 7:30am

Joan Speaks on "Brains, Beauty and Boldness"

Venue: CREW Membership Program Series

Address: 4035 Ridge Top Road

                Fairfax, VA 22030

“Stop! Professional Women Take Charge of their Time”

Prioritizing/staying on task and Identifying time wasters
Learn how to be in charge of your own schedule and not someone else.  Identify what keeps you from getting the most important work done personally and professionally and actually focus on it and get it done.  It is time to lead yourself each day and do what you want to do as a professional woman and have time for yourself!

Ticket price for members are $25.00 and members’ guests $40.00 (maximum 1 guest per attending member), and includes light breakfast.

Contact Person: Joan Fletcher Email:

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