Winning Ways was founded in 1987 and continues to be driven by performance improvement innovator Joan Fletcher. With in-depth experience in performance improvement as an independent business owner, her leadership experience comes first-hand as well as from working with clients in a variety of industries.

Joan’s rich background in education and her established affiliation with Resource Associates Corporation (RAC) provide her with a solid pedigree supporting her dynamic personal/professional development and coaching leadership and the continued growth of her enterprise. The Winning Ways approach is fueled by Joan’s enthusiasm, energy, and experience, which permeates through her entire staff and quickly become evident in each client engagement.

Winning Ways staff members are chosen for their knowledge, enthusiasm, and ability to deliver the value of the company’s offerings in a way that benefits each client.

Why We Do What We Do
It’s our goal to change the lives of individuals and businesses through effective personal & organizational leadership development & behavior management.

Vision: Winning Ways is the most trusted and recognized brand of instructor led leadership development, management training, and goal setting products & services in the field of professional performance improvement in North America.

Mission: Winning Ways exist for the purpose of providing the environment and teaching that creates focus, momentum and success for long term changes in individual‚ professional and personal lives.